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Voidplenum: Double Diamond ~Halloween~

B4BEL4B Gallery teams up with Voidplenum to present a special themed Halloween event geared toward the worlds of Bladerunner + Neuromancer. Come dressed as the self-realized cyborg that you wish to become.

Voidplenum Fashion Performance: 10:00pm
Concept: Double Diamond (perfected human) (7D) - 7th density entities - feat: Star Amerahsu, Nathaniel Essexx, Lana Voronina, BBYBANGZ, Joey Casio, and music by Yarinka Collucci

Fashion Performance by HAH Couture

Live Music Sets: 11:00pm until late
Yarinka Colluci : 
Obsidian Blade :
Anthony Bisset :
Scorpion Warrior :
Demongay :
Lana Voronina :

Installation Works + Visuals:
Saito Group:
Visual Aids
Lana Voronina

$10 before midnight // online presales
$15 after


The Universe is a continuous plenum of Existence, containing no voids. A void would constitute an area of nothingness, a non-existent within the realm of Existence. We invite you to dance in the infinite non-reality, the ultra unreal... 

“You have to be with other people... In order to live at all. I mean before they came here I could stand it... But now it has changed. You can't go back, he thought. You can't go from people to nonpeople." - J.R. Isidore” 
― Philip K. Dick, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

“Nighttown, because the Pit’s inverted, and the bottom of its bowl touches the sky, the sky that Nighttown never sees, sweating under its own firmament...” 
― William Gibson, Johnny Mnemonic, Burning Chrome

Earlier Event: August 26
Obscura Machina